Imported Working Blue Dutch Shepherds & Belgian Malinois

                    Although we have some of the most beautiful Ducth Shepherds & Belgian Malinois, 


                 Many breeders don't imprint there puppies nor train there dogs which is not good.

                 It doesn't take 5 studs or 25 dogs in 1 kennel to produce greatness, It takes the right dog.

                           Note: "ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONE-REFUNDABLE"( Review our puppy contract page )


                                NOW @ PUBLIC STUD


 Van Guard K9  is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  

 40 years experience in Animal behaviors & we breeders of the working Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherds.

 Our services include: 

  • Importing of Malinois and Dutch Shepherds
  • Deployment of man/dog security teams
  • Training and sales of working service dogs
  • Training, sales and deployment of drug detector dogs
  • Training and sales of personal protection dogs
  • Training and sales of commercial guard dogs
  • New & used equipment

All of our Canines are import from the top producing, working police dogs out of the K.N.P.V. lines. These are the k9's that are displayed on our webpage and their offsprings. Our puppies are not just gorgeous, they are bred to excel in any working venue because of correct genetics and selective breedings . Our puppies come in many colors yet we desire the blues which is a personal preference. 
 We do not participate in sports training and  breed solely to create solid personal protection bodyguards and LEO candidates. We are the best at what we do and videos speaks for themselves. Remember the world has crazy people that will bring you harm; if you don't have a gun, get a dog. Therefore, get yourself a real k9 from a line of real man stoppers. Well, we have them here and we are just a call away!.
"DEPOSITS ARE NONE-REFUNDABLE"( Review our puppy contract page )