Bowdy Spartan Van Guard SP II

Our Big Boy Bowdy Spartan ( Security k9) is a gorgeous 100% DDR GSD with the drives & character to match it. He is a certified working Security K9 for our Agency. His sire and dam was imported from Europe.  Bowdy is correct in structure and his type is the typical DDR with huge bone and head. Bowdy Spartan's bloodlines is what we have always desire to use in our breeding program. Body Spartan has all the top DDR dogs in pedigree that we love because of the working ability, courage and possessiveness. He produces himself in each litter not to include the beautiful color.

In a nutshell, Bowdy is serious and has the power to take a mans life. 

 4-4  V Don vom Haus Iris SchH3/IP3

5-5,5  SG Gabi von der alten Wassermühle SCHH3

5-4     SG Astritt von Starkenberg SCHH3

4-5     V Götz vom Gräfental SCHH3

4-5     SG Olita vom Gräfental SCHH1

5,5 -5,5 V Alf vom Körnersee SCHH3/PSH1

 There is awsume history behind the Imported German shepherd lines and would make a great family pet and protection dog without the issue of hip problems. 

A.K.C Reg. Pedigree:


 full pedigree link:


                               BOWDYS' OFFSPRING PICTURE BELOW