We dedicate this page to our clients whom has purchased puppies from us.



This is a service available to our customers, for over the phone k9 training needs.

$650 (30 Mins consultations)

MD Policeman Gary & his new pet pal

Arizona bound early this morning for this Blue Gal & Mrs. Casey.

Policeman Gary & his new pet pal

Wanted to update you on Abra Cadabra, a Quattro daughter. 

She's 2nd fastest Dutch in the nation in lure coursing. 
27.02 mph 
She got her hunt title today too. She will just turn 2 next month. 
I'll send you the final pics later.

                                  Officer Troy Ball & Family with Bruno II

                                               Police Officer Dino & K9 Aries
                                                               Champion Police K9 son of Elvira van Guard
 Dr.Barns and sons



The Hollingsworth Family.

This Military Officer, Son of a Police k9 Officer & Brother to a Orlando Police k9 Officer said, This female had more drive than any he had raised. He stated that Kandie was fearless.


 Below is Levy County k9 "Nero & Officer Clint Anderson " . 

 Click of his picture to read one of many great accomplishments by Nero and Clint.

Issac King of Miami, Fl & Eros van Guard (Thor x Blue Isis )


 South Carolina Sheriff K9 Recon bka Sombo.. His first week on the force.


                    The Cornwell family & Milli van Guard


 Daniel Allen & Family " Black Gold

                                              VANGUARD K9 Purchase Contract

Breeders:  Ulysee Muff

            Breed: Dutch Shepherd

Date Whelped: _______/_______/_______            

Sex:  male

Color: Brindle and black mask

Full Price


Date Paid 


The Purchase Contract constitutes a complete agreement between the purchaser and the seller ulysee muff jr..

Purchase Agreement

The above referenced puppy will be ready to be placed in his/her new home after being fully weaned and at minimum of seven weeks old. This is in compliance with the law of the State of Florida The Buyer agrees to pick up the puppy no later than eight weeks old unless other arrangements have been made with the Breeder in advance. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, cashier's check, and personal check.   All payments must be paid in full prior to the release of the puppy. All personal checks must clear Breeder's bank to be considered "in full" - no exceptions. If a  puppy is requested a non refundable deposit must be made to hold the puppy.

The Buyer agrees to provide the purchased puppy with annual preventative care along with vaccinations to allow for overall sound health. The Buyer also agrees to give the puppy humane living conditions along with adequate food and water. If for any reason the Buyer is unwilling or unable to care for the dog, the Buyer agrees to surrender the dog to the Breeder. The Buyer agrees not to transfer the dog to any public or private facility or shelter that practices euthanasia.

The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours of assuming ownership. The Buyer agrees to notify the Breeder that this examine took place and of the results of the examine. This information will include the name and contact information of the Veterinarian performing the examination.



                            " DEPOSITS ARE NONE-REFUNDABLE"


We wil replace any puppy at any for genetic illness.


Any puppy purchased from vanguard k9 will be in sound health and free of contagious diseases. The Buyer has 72 hours from the purchase date to verify this with a licensed Veterinarian of their choice. If the puppy is found not to be in sound health (as evidenced in writing by a licensed Veterinarian) the Buyer has the option to:

1. Return the puppy immediately with the written statement from a licensed Veterinarian, for a full refund of the purchase price;

--- Or ---

2. Elect to keep the puppy and assume any and all cost for the puppy's care.

After 72 hours the Buyer assumes any and all cost of the puppy's care. There will be NO REFUNDS after 72 hours for any animals that are purchased period nor any remplacements just because a buyer is not satisfied with temperament.


the Buyer fully complies with the Purchase Agreement.


The Breeder provides shipping services via air within the United States. The fee for this service is $150. This fee includes all shipping arrangements, ground transportation to airport, and handling, All direct shipping expenses will be charged to the Buyer at cost. These cost typically include a crate, a health certificate, shots, and airfare. The Buyer agrees to pay shipping costs and fee to the Breeder four weeks prior to the shipping date.




Printed Name: _______________________________________

Telephone: ________________________

Address: _____________________________________________



Breeders: Ulysee Muff Jr.