Dutches van Guard BRN23606
Our young girl is a combination of great. He drives are unmatchable by any. She will do anything in drive. Her sire is Quattro and dam is Spirt.
This is a Quattro, Carlos van Vos PHI met lof, Castor de Groot, Arko Kikkert
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BRN 23606 | Dutches (Dhr. A. Williams, Jacksonville FL, USA) 


                        Blue Isis van Guard ( Imported complete K9 Gype )

We purchase the orange female from Complete K9 Canada before she was born. she is a Crush x Azzura. She is a great dog. She works & so does her offspring. She is beautiful and a great devoted family friend. . Video of her litter advertised is below by " Complete Canine Canada". Her Sire & Dam are to of the greatest you will find online today.

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BRN 20725 | Isis van Guard (Dhr. U. Muff Jr, Jacksonville FL, USA) 

                                                                     Makois van Guard 
This Beautiful serious blue brindle female and is a special girl we got back.  She a very hard female that acts more like a male and her pass handler could not handle her in his last days. We love her.  Makois videos tells all.


Carrie Spirit is a daughter of  Donna BRN 11116   X  Carlos PHI Met Lof van vos.

BRN 27477 | Spirit van Guard (Dhr. U. Muff Jr. Jacksonville, FL, USA) 

A very special girl being this is the last breeding we made of these to old retired dogs. Carlos is one of the greats that needs no introduction. Litter mate to Van Leeuwens Wibo & sire to many service dogs around the world. Donna is a double Castor de Grout. A Arko Kikkert sister. She is the dam to our Dutches & Anca.

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                                                            Finesse ( Jack van Guard  x Miss Weston )
                              Emma VG ( Nitro x Vera )
  Littermate to Police K9 Recon and from our very first bloodline in the last 90's to early 2000's. We use her to cross into our newer lines and have gotten much sucess.

BRN 25322 | Miss Emma van Guard (Dhr. U. Muff Jr. Jacksonville, Fl USA)